"Remember Me - The Story of My Life"

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How to Leave - "The Story of Your Life"

We all have a story. When your great grandchildren's children, pick up your story one day, WOW! What a love like that can do. This is a treasure beyond any other treasure that you can gift your family. Not the clothes in your closet, your Christmas House collection or the jewelry in your box. It will be the Story of Your Life. It will be your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and dreams.

Your knowledge and experiences will be educating and transforming lives!

Life isn't just about creating memories. It's about remembering the memories we created by sharing our wisdom, in turn helping future generations have a better tomorrow. Preserve the proudest memories in your life today while they are clear and concise, leave behind a legacy that your children will treasure with their family and friends forever. 

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Remember Me - 

"The Story of My Life"

You may purchase the book alone today.

*PLEASE NOTE - If you would like to complete your treasure in a group, individual or zoom session, please see the packages above and purchase a Workshop Session instead. Workshops include the book.

Remember Me- The Story of My Life
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Leaving "The Story of Your Life"

Think about this. Once you go, your life stories go with you. Did our ancestors have this book to use as a tool to educate our generation? They did not. Your thoughts and values can play a big part in the future. You will validate the existence of your future family by leaving a stamp on yours. 

A Treasured Gift

Helping people leave "The Story of my Life" resonates with so many more people then the person who left it. There are no words to describe the magic in a person's eyes while reading and listening to the stories, thoughts, and emotions of a relative who lived a hundred years ago. 

A relative they knew nothing about.

We don't share our intimate details when visiting for a few hours on Christmas day. This is important! Your gift will carry on for so many generations.  

Don't miss passing on this nugget of gold! 

If You are Not Ready To Write Your Story, Be Sure to Gift This to 

Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa - A neverending treasure.

"Be mindful, help educate your future. Don't let their stories go untold, or THEY WILL."

1. What Have I Got for You?

I’ve got the link you’ve been searching for between life then and life tomorrow. The answer to, “What happened to time? Is this all there is? Will I be forgotten when I’m gone? Will my grandchild’s children know that I even existed? I’m offering you a way to bring it all together in a simple, yet profound way to leave your mark in history. “Remember Me – The Story of My Life.”

2. How Will This Book Benefit You?

· Therapeutic – You want to stop, breathe and reflect while using a part of your brain that is still vibrant.

· Validation – You need to know that the road you traveled was real and complete.

· The Educator  You want your future bloodline to learn from your mistakes and share confidence in knowing in believing in the future.

· Confirmation – You’ll experience what it’s like to show your future generations their roots and that they came from a part of you.

· Courage – You will confirm your own existence and have the courage to be forthright with your misgivings, teaching your future that it will all be ok.

· Connection – You will teach, lead and educate the future with your knowledge and experiences of a life well lived while coming full circle.

· Completion – You will be humbled by completing the “The Story of Your Life”, humbled by sharing it with others and most importantly, humbled in knowing that children of the future will one day be looking up to their ancestor with pride, love, adoration, and amazement. Wow!

3. Who Am I?

“I am Susan Capurso. I specialize in working with people in the last quarter of their timeline. I’ve suffered enormous loss in my life and know the effects it can have on those left behind. I will never know my history. Who I looked like, whose personality do I take after or what my grandparents did as children?” With over two million people and more becoming members of Ancestry.com, I’m not the only one yearning to know my roots or where my extended family came from.  Ancestry.com will tell you about yesterday – with the facts and the stories told by other people. Don’t you want to be the one who tells YOUR story to future generations?

We’re all leaving digital footprints – and rather than having your footprints interpreted by others, now is the time for you to tell YOUR story, in YOUR words, from YOUR perspective.

4. What Result Can I Expect?

· To complete a treasure to be passed on to generations to come.

· To gift your family with a gold nugget that will confirm their existence and roots.

· To expect that through your story, you will fill minds with your knowledge, experiences, and education that potentially change the course of history.

5. Why Do I Need this Now?

· As we age, our memories begin to fade and it becomes more difficult to remember the little details. Research shows that there are various stages of Dementia that invade our mind early on. Not for all, but if it should, you’ve lost this chance for good.

· Our lives here on earth are so short. Whether we encounter plain old age, illness or a tragic accident, one we cross the line… our memories cross over as well, no one knows them like you.

· While you are young in spirit, clear and concise, it is the time to get this gift completed. Or… you can put it on the shelf, say I’ll get to it one day, it will go unwritten, untold and disappear like your history never existed at all. You have the chance, get it done now.

6. What Do You need to Do Next?

1. Easy You can purchase the Individual Session, the Group Workshop or the Zoom Workshop above. You will receive the book in person at the Individual or Group, if you chose a Zoom Adventure, the book will be mailed to you prior to the date. 

2. Or... You can purchase the book on it's own. Hopefully you will keep it by your bedside and work on this over time. Regardless of which way you get this completed, PLEASE... Get this completed! 

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