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Welcome to East End Doula Care 

Home of the The Legacy Doula

Author - Legacy Creator - End of Life Doula - Senior Care Specialist - Advanced Directives - Workshop Presenter

Physical, Emotion‚Äčal, Practical and Spiritual Guidance 


To get you started on your own Legacy Journey, we've put together a Free Legacy Kit with a few pages of thought provoking information to leave your own family. We are living in a disconnected and digital world. Leaving a piece of yourself to future generations will validate their existence so that they feel loved and a 

part of something so much bigger than themselves. 

Thank you for visiting! Please enjoy our Free E Book today!

Before You Go!

There are no instructions on how to die the right way. There is no magic genie that can give you an instruction book on passing with peace, as gently as it can possibly be. Learning, tips and hints have always been my go to when I need to know about anything in my life. Hopefully, through utilizing these top ten tools, you will find a little direction and guidance to help make the journey a better one.

Susan- East End Doula Care